How to reduce dropout in English courses?

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How to reduce dropout in English courses?

Сообщение janvi24 26 ноя 2023, 11:02

The economic crisis and increased competition in the language education market have increasingly led to dropouts in English courses. With the loss of jobs and the increase in debt, it is very common for students not to have the financial conditions to continue paying tuition. Therefore, they end up giving up language courses . That is, the importance of learning a second or third language ceases to be a priority when finances get tighter. Another aspect that explains dropouts in English courses is students' lack of motivation. This factor is driven by poor performance, low grades and comprehension difficulties. This leads many students to look for other teaching methods, with more interesting didactics that stimulate learning. Faced with the various scenarios in which dropouts occur in English courses, schools are constantly challenged.

Needing to learn to reinvent themselves and innovate in times of crisis. Having strategic planning at hand to know how to deal with the unpredictable is essential when it comes to avoiding losses. be-a-franchisee How to reduce dropout in English courses? The necessary changes to avoid dropouts in English courses are not made overnight. So let's start making a difference now to ensure a future with more stability. And knowing how to act in the most Email Marketing List critical moments. See everything you can do to attract and keep the number of students in your school! Maintain a close relationship with your audiences Customers, whatever they are, are much more demanding these days. This makes it essential to develop a healthy relationship between the school and its students. The goal is to make them feel included. It is crucial that educational institutions maintain an open.


Transparent and personalized channel with their students and their guardians. In addition to being attentive to each person’s personal needs. The school has an image and brand to be preserved. Therefore, good relationships need to go beyond the physical environment of the institution. She needs to create bonds with her students' families and the surrounding community. Organize events, such as parties, lectures, seminars and fairs, where you can bring together your various stakeholders. At the same time that you interact with various people, you also promote your business, conveying a positive image of your educational environment. Offer special courses for your students In addition to offering a quality teaching methodology in its regular courses, promote other learning modalities, aimed at specific objectives.
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