Social Dreams? Think First About What Socialization Is

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Social Dreams? Think First About What Socialization Is

Сообщение razia123 12 апр 2022, 14:27

The social products at the head seem to be unshakable. The new social products have been losing streak. The author questioned the point of view of another article on the platform. How is social defined? Is there any hope for new social products? A few days ago, in "Everyone is a Product Manager", I saw an article from "Internet Guide North" originally from Pu Fan's " The Social Dream of Entrepreneurs Should Wake Up Again ". The article mentions that ZAO is a new social software and denies its value, which makes me wonder: what exactly is social networking? Some of the concluding points mentioned by the original author are still very agreeable to me. But it may be an occupational disease. As an Internet product practitioner, I still want to express my personal thoughts that are not fully recognized.

It is only a glimpse. If you have different views, you are welcome to exchange and share. What is socializing? In fact, the question of "what is socializing" has been discussed many Bulk SMS Service in small gatherings of peers. Aside from product thinking and business models, strictly speaking, "social" should refer to the communication between people, and it is a social activity in which people transmit information and exchange ideas in a certain way to achieve a certain purpose. When the concept of "socialization" is commercialized and commercialized, it should essentially be positioned to solve the "relationship between people" and realize information transfer and exchange of ideas based on the relationship between people. In fact, when it comes to social products, we immediately think of QQ, WeChat, Momo, and Sina Weibo, and there is no denying that they are indeed successful social products. In fact, if you think about it carefully, these social software have a common attribute, that is, they are all dealing with human relationships. QQ is a kind of pan-social, that is, a pan-interpersonal relationship. In the early days, it was to let users get rid of the traditional communication method of telephone/text, and make communication more convenient and diversified.

WeChat is a classic product in the transformation from the Internet to the mobile Internet. The positioning of WeChat is social networking in the circle of friends, and it is to build a social ecology in a safe and familiar circle of friends;Momo deals with unfamiliar gender relations, starting from a certain desire of human nature to help users build a relationship system; Sina is more about connecting fans and celebrities. There are many more such as: Blued, which focuses on gay relationships; Momo-based model to improve the efficiency of chatting, and Tantan, which is a two-way match, are all valuable social products.
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